Team Wiki: Wiki Tutorial

Here, you can find detailed information about using the wiki.

Editing Profile Information

When you hover over the "Team Wiki" tab of the website, you will see the "Edit your Profile" page. Here, you can edit your displayed name, your password, and your avatar (For comments, etc). To keep your password the same, leave the password field blank. When you're done, click "Save".

Creating Pages

At the bottom of the listing of wiki pages, there is a button that says "Add new page". Click it.

The Wiki Editor will then open up, with two areas for text entry: A yellow text box at the top for the page name, and a white textarea below it, with formatting tools supplied by TinyMCE. In the yellow text box, type the title of the page you wish to create. You can create a "Subpage" (A page which is a child of another) by typing the name of the parent page followed by a slash followed by the name of the page that you wish to create. Make sure that there are no spaces directly before or after the slash. In the textarea below, enter in the text that you wish to be displayed on the page. When you are done, click "Save".

Editing Pages

Between the content of each page and its comments is a button which says "Edit this Page". After clicking it, you will be brought to the Wiki Editor. There is currently no way to edit page titles. If you desire this feature, add it to the Website Cheecklist, and Jamie will implement it. You can type in the changes yyou want to make to the page, and then click save.

Deleting Pages

If you click "Edit this Page" on a page on the Wiki, at the bottom, you will see a button that says "Delete Page". Once a page has been deleted, you may access it from the Archive. If you click on the page in the archive, and scroll down to "Edit this Page". By re-saving it, the Wiki will automatically bring the page back from the Archive.

Making Comments

If you wish to comment to information on the page, type your comment into the comments text box, and click "Post Comment". You will see that your comment has now appeared under any other comments on the page.

If you want to reply to another person's comment, click on the "Reply" button on the comment (Or, if the comment is a child of another, click on the "Reply" button on its parent comment), type your comment, and click "Post Comment".

You can edit or delete your comment at any time by clicking the "Edit" button at the end of your comment.