Team Wiki: Robotics Resources

Here are a few interesting links from other teams or groups working on a robot to play this year's game.

The Chesapeake Regional Mentor Support committee has an email through which teams can ask questions or ask for assistance with game rule interpretation, robot building, design, and awards questions.

official Q&A Android or IPhone app for FIRSTĀ® Robotics Competition (FRCĀ®) Season 2013

FIRST Q&A as of 1/10/13

Before posting a question on the Q&A System, we encourage teams to look for the answers to questions first within the 2013 FRC Game Manual and Team Updates. You can review these documents here:

FRC Blog: Please visit the FRC Blog for information regarding the Safety Manual and Classmate Images:

Message from Autodesk: Autodesk FRC 2013 Kit of Parts and Blog - Now Live!
Autodesk is excited to announce that the 2013 FRC Kit of Parts is now available for download from the Resources tab at the page. The Kit of Parts is available in both Autodesk Inventor 2013 format and STEP format.

Phil's Autodesk Inventor FRC blog.

Encyclopedia Robotica

Autodesk inventor tutorial videos

"For the 2013 season, Innovation First International has taken strides to support FRC teams more profoundly by increasing its Kit of Parts donation. In addition, we are excited to announce that from December 5, 2012 - April 15, 2013, FRC teams will be able to purchase the new Victor 888 motor controller from VEX Robotics for only $50. Additionally, the Jaguar Motor Controller will be available for $60."

If we use c++ this may be useful:
Pros and Cons of Chain vs. Belt

Wire connectors: