Team Wiki: Recycle Rush: Team Strategy

Specialization is important
Noodle in bin & then stack the bins, 3 to 5 high
Maneuverability is important
Focus on bins seems to have the advantage of making the team more desirable as a partner.

  1. Move robot into auto zone
  2. Bulldoze yellow tote into auto zone
  3. Pick up can and move to auto zone
  4. Pick up can and tote an move to auto zone

  1. Bulldoze totes
  2. Stack totes
  3. Put cans on stacks of totes

Team Management:
  1. Field Mock-up
    1. middle step
    2. scoring step
    3. feed station
  2. Protection for electronics
  3. Second design
  4. Swerve drive development
  5. Vision development
  6. Do center of gravity calculations