Team Wiki: Recycle Rush: Strategy Workshop Notes

David DesPortes
Other competitions that provide examples that may help:
2001 - Diabolical Dynamics; See Team 71
2003 - Stack Attack; See Teams 67, 1717, and 868
2010 - Breakaway; See the Tournament Section of the game manual; See Team 1114

Drives - Mechanum will be difficult if traveling over ramps and steps unless you include a suspension to keep the wheels on the surface.
Swerve drives are potentially very useful if you already have experience.

Game results will be best if you maximize points. Rankings up through all matches except the finals of the elimination rounds are based on average score.

A maximum of 11 totes can be stacked side by side on a scoring step. The maximum number of totes that can be legally stacked is 6.

Some totes start in the landfill area upside down.

Yellow totes do not count for points on scoring steps, only on the middle step for coopertition points.

Transport size restrictions relate to the movement to and from the field of play.

It is good match strategy to map out all movements for a match before you begin. This is the main area for coordination between alliance partners.

As there are not many robot infractions, the referees will concentrate more on human actions.

A List of Actions the Robot May Perform: (Bin is my shorthand term for the recycling container) Please add to this list.

  1. Drive
  2. Drive over step
  3. Drive with Tote(s) and/or Bin
  4. Bulldoze a tote
  5. Bulldoze a bin
  6. Bulldoze a pool noodle into the landfill area

Acquiring Game Elements:

  1. Grasp and lift tote -- lengthwise/widthwise or both
  2. Receive a tote from a human player
  3. Reverse orientation of tote
  4. Grasp and lift bin
  5. Position a bin to receive a pool noodle from the human player
  6. Pick up a pool noodle
  7. Place a pool noodle into a bin
  8. Position a holding mechanism to receive multiple pool noodles at once (upto a max of 5 at a time)
  9. Stack totes while on robot

Delivery of Game Elements:

  1. Stack totes on step
  2. Deposit tote(s) onto step
  3. Stack a bin (with or w/o pool noodle) onto a tote or stack of totes on the scoring step
  4. Depositing pool noodles in landfill area
  5. Placing pool noodles on or in a bin that is on a scoring step.

Joshua Lee notes
(color coded to organize)

Notes on Planning and season layout (Michael Baker)

What we did last year was rather successful and that had the basic design laid out by them (shown above) only the build was shortened by one week. I would personally like to keep this policy because I feel like more time to practice in house would be the better option, but if it is too much of a time crunch, I'd be happy to spread things out over more time. Then again, with this game they stressed specificity on one part of the game (like stacking totes or bins), and they also stressed that having a trained driver would help to work out issues, so more attention to practicing our strategy and practicing our driving should help to work kinks out.

Notes from Kickoff Strategy Meeting (Jillian Jenkins)

This game is all about points. Period.

Less is more. It was suggested that we focus on doing one task exceptionally well, for example, if we choose stacking, then be able to stack 4 or more crates. Because this game is comprised of a lot of specialty roles, this is the best approach for creating a successful and balanced team.

Pay attention to turning performance and overall balance of the robot.

Potential Manuevers: Stacking, Bulldozing/Pushing, Lifting the Recycle Bin, Turning, Carrying human loaded bins, Traveling

Strive for consensus, but limit the use of voting to avoid the “coolness effect”

Empower one person to make the executive decision in the best interests of the team, regardless of popularity

Look at past games, specifically Diabolical Dynamics (2001); Stack Attack (2003); Breakaway (2010) for robots that were designed to do similar tasks. What worked and what didn’t?

Take advantage of resources:
CheifDelphi Discussion Forums ;
Team Updates;
MD FIRST team support e-mail, including Anne and Steve ;
Robot in 3 Days
Vex Pro (System Component Approach) ;
FIRST Technical Resources ; MD First Website BAA Presentations
Kitbot on Steroids from Simbiotics (6WDTANK)

Suggested Approach:
Evaluate the Game
Estimate Match Scores from different strategies
Develop Strategies (2-3)
Select Strategy
Develop the Requirements
Build the Robot

Suggested Timeline:

Week 1: Focus on Strategy:
Read through the rules 2-3 times, minimum
Identify a strategy
Turn this strategy into a design
Have a “Game Quiz”

Week 2: Refine Strategy and Begin a Detailed Design
Start base
Complete the drive train

Week 3: Finish Detailed Design
Work on drive system
Begin Manufacturing

Week 4: Manipulator Build

Week 5: Final Efforts, Test and Refine

Week 6: Test and adjust