Team Wiki: Recycle Rush: Game

Info and links for the 2015 FRC challenge, Recycle Rush

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MD FIRST team support e-mail, including Anne and Steve ;
Robot in 3 Days: Ri3D
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Kitbot on Steroids from Simbiotics (6WDTANK)

Teleop is 135 seconds.
Fastest time for consecutive human player feeds of totes at one station is about 5.5 seconds. 135 / 5.5 = 24 totes. 15 are available at each side of the human player area.

FIRST Q&A of interest:

Q&A Number / Takeaway

2 / Cannot use any implements to help throw noodles over wall.

7 / A camera can be mouted above the driver's station looking out onto the field

26 / Litter can be thrown over the wall from anywhere behind the alliance station wall.

27 / Human players can move totes and litter to the human player station during Autonomous as long as the human players do not cross the plane that defines the human player station.

34 / Human players can feed litter directly into a can on the field through the litter feed station.

40 / Wheels can be exposed

58 / A robot may start the match in contact with a tote or can

83 / A robot can control a tote as it enters the field from the human player station.

98 / Robots may be tethered together by rope or cable.

127 / Totes may fall in various orientations through the tote chute.

129 / Cans may be in contact with a robot at the end of autonomous and still score the container set.

141 / Human players may feed litter into a can over the wall if the human player does not cross into the field area.

146 / A robot may be in contact with a tote or can at the start of a match.

163  / Chute door, yes chute door

164 / Chute door may be controlled by the human player to control the release of the tote through the chute.

185 / As there are two human player stations and three alliance teams in a match, there is an extra human player. This player can stage totes and litter to the human player stations as long as no more than one human player or driver is in the human player station at any time.

189 / Devices may be used to help keep the robot in its Transportation Configuration that can be removed when setting the robot up to start a match. These items do not count towards the total weight of the robot.

231 / Quad copters tethered to the robot are allowed as long as they do not violate the 78" height restriction.

240 (107) / The tote does not have to be all the way down the chute when the chute door is opened.

270 / Alliance partners must use the driver station assigned to each team for the match, i.e. teams may not swap stations.

281 / A human player can reach inside the human player zone when another human player is in that zone if the second human player does not interact with the human player zone equipment, e.g. tote chute. So one human player can hand a tote to a player inside the zone without worrying about hands crossing the zone space.

 331 / Robots must move themselves into the auto zone in autonomous in order to get the Robot Set points, i.e. cannot be pushed by another robot.