Team Wiki: Everyday Update 2015-2016

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Date: Wed Jan 13 2016
# of Students: 15, # of Mentors: 9
Goals for the Day: -Finish Drivetrain
-Continue to prototype shooter
Daily Accomplishments: -Drivetrain CAD finished
-Currently working on proof of concepts for both shooters
-Vision code can find goal
-Started supershifter code
Daily Failures: Drivetrain behind schedule
Goals for Next Day: Begin construction of Drivetrain
-Continue protyping shooter, work on integration between shooter & chassis, start CADding both shooters
-Continue work on vision code
-Finish supershifter code
Needs: -Metal for chassis
-Spring to test the catapult

Abhijit Chowdhary
# of Students: 25, # of Mentors: 10
Goals for the Day: Finish drive CAD and design, begin mockups of Shooter and Group A subsystems. In addition begin working on Vision and auto strategy.
Daily Accomplishments: Going by subsystem:

Drive is behind schedule. Given last minute changes in design and strategy for drive, they are still working on a full CAD and parts list. They are working to have a parts list done by 4PM tomorrow and a full CAD by tomorrow night.

The group A subsystem has a successful design that is in the process of being mocked up. Rough CAD completed. Ahead of schedule. Progress is a little slow, but still close.

Programming and Vision are today's MVPs. Damn good job. Charlie cracked the barrier of Connor's code and managed basic vision using Coherent processing. At the moment they are working towards getting proper sight of the ball while also working on a strategy of how vision of the high goal will affect robot alignment. With these tools, we hope to add the spice factor to our robot with a 2 ball auto. The shooter is designed with this in mind.

All in all, drive needs to catch up, but everything else seems to be coming together nicely. Today we made more progress than we normally do in a week in other builds. Good job for everyone. I recommend coffee for our poor systems manager next time, however.
Daily Failures: Mostly Drive. See above.
Goals for Next Day: Finish Drive CAD and build Spec sheet and have it for Abhi and Mr.Lee by 4PM

Shooter will continue to sketch and move into prototypes. Abhi will do the math correctly tonight. (shut up matt)

Group A system will continue working on prototype.

Programming and Vision will begin Auto strategy while also working on ball recognition and how vision will affect robot's mechanical process'.

All systems will begin a CAD once a base drive design is avaliable.
Needs: Parts need to be ordered. Wood may be needed for mock ups.
Other: Awesome job today everyone. Keep motivation this high, and championships is not just a dream.

Date: Sun Jan 10 2016
# of Students: 12, # of Mentors: 6
Goals for the Day: Refine our strategy
Daily Accomplishments: We refined our strategy. (Strategy notes will be posted on the wiki)
Daily Failures: Some parts that will need to be ordered are low in stock.
Goals for Next Day: Design our robot, learn how to use the Wiki

Date: Sun Jan 9 2016
# of Students: 30, # of Mentors: 7
Goals for the Day: Learn about FIRST Stronghold, discuss strategy, and potential challenges
Daily Accomplishments: Learned about FIRST Stronghold, discussed game elements, defined all ways to get points, began strategy discussion
Daily Failures: No notable failures
Goals for Next Day: Refine our strategy