Team Wiki: Everyday Update 2014-2015

Jan 30 2015

Jan. 29 2015

forgot to update for a bit my bad

Jan. 15 2015

Jan. 14 2015

Monday January 1/12/15
This was the first day with a full team to tackle the new design and begin to work on mock-ups and prototypes, so we started with the new mock-up and proof of concept of the pulley system that will be used to pick up bins. The Drive Train team worked on CAD for the Drive Train (because there were a few differences) and were able to get a good chunk of it done. Matt made a electronics board that would act as a model for the final board we end up putting on the robot, with a few small changes. We made changes to the team Gantt chart and decided to keep up our plan to have the robot done by the end of next week, as it was prior to the change in design. We also worked on getting materials, or at least planning the materials we wanted because a few of these materials, specifically modular bar stock which were going to use to make the pulley system, was out of stock. We expect to have the McMaster Carr order for stock for the drive train in by this Thursday, and have the drive train made and drivable by Saturday.

 Wednesday 1/7/15
Today we accomplished many things. The new electrical test board was completed and the programers started work on vision tracking. The Drive train team completed there CAD of the drive train. The Elevator subsystem finished there first mock up of the tote picker upper and it works great! Tomorrow we will hopefully order most of the parts we need.




Nov. 12, 2014
Porkubot 2.0 is ready to run.

Nov. 1 - 8, 2014
Subsystems met. The order for the New Site has been given to Ms. Jenkins, and we will hopefully have it soon :). We have a working e-board, and working code, and hope to soon be testing our test robot (Porkubot 2.0).

September 13, 2014
Deep-Fried Jeff is almost working again. 

September 10, 2014
Today we had our safety training for most of our students (and one art teacher) and it went just as normally as a safety training could go. We have a tenative roster generated based on who showed up to this safety training. Unfortunately, given the absense of Josh, we were unable to start working on the robot, the lack of experiance and knowledge in the other grades is painfully obvious. This is something which we need to fix before this years leaders graduate in 2 years. The next three meetings really need to be dedicated to wokring on the robot if we want to make it in time for BoB. Remaining work needing to be done

  1. Wiki and website needs to be updated
  2. robot itself needs to be fixed
  3. freshmen need to be recruited
  4. schedule needs to be drafted for entire year.