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Posted by David DesPortes, Jan. 11, 2016.

Three things I found in the game manual (items in quotation marks) that apply to / clarify points from yesterday's strategy discussion:

1. "Once a ROBOT CROSSES a DEFENSE in AUTO, any additional DEFENSES that ROBOT REACHES or CROSSES during the AUTO period will not decrease DEFENSE STRENGTH nor contribute points to the ALLIANCE." This means there is no advantage to having our robot cross a defense more than once in AUTO nor to cross more than one defense in AUTO.

2. "Each TOWER starts the MATCH with eight (8) STRENGTH. Each BOULDER scored in a GOAL decreases the TOWER’S STRENGTH by one (1). A TOWER is WEAKENED if the TOWER’S STRENGTH is at or below zero (0)...A ROBOT has CHALLENGED the TOWER if, at the conclusion of the MATCH, the ROBOT is fully supported by the TOWER, but hasn’t met the criteria for SCALING the TOWER." This does not say that the tower must be weakened in order to get challenge points. It does have to be WEAKENED in order to be CAPTURED, i.e. the tower strength must be at or below 0 and all three alliance robots must have challenged or scaled the tower.

3. I found no reference to there being any restriction on selecting the same defense as the opposing alliance. Defenses are selected independently. The only restriction is that the category chosen by the audience makes that category off limits.


Posted by David DesPortes, Jan. 15, 2016

Q & A of interest:

Q541, moving a boulder into the opponent's Secret Passage, even unintentionally, constitutes a technical foul. Note that each technical foul increase the defense of the tower by one.