Team Wiki: 2017 FIRST STEAMworks: Strategy Notes

Jamie's Notes

By 2 weeks, have a working drive train, they recommend 6WD Tank Drive

Make sure that the robot performs well consistently, and think about qualifying pts, alliance selection order, playoof performance, and awards.

3 ways to get ranking pts: Win, Tie, Start 4 rotors, Win/Tie + 40kPa pressure

Focus on getting 1-2 ranking pts per match

You may only posess 1 gear on your robot at a time

Nobody should be getting 0 pts. At the beginning of Teleop, you can put the gear in and start spinning it immediately, process takes 20-30 seconds for 1 pilot, less time for more pilots

Pilots can't extend beyond the airship

Max possible score is 575, but typical average score of an early match will be abbout 57 pts. Realistic goal is 218 pts for winning most matches.

They say we should specialize again.

Fouls are -5 pts, tech fouls are +25 pts opponent

Drive team can be up to 5 people, 1 person must take care of cart during match

Concentrate on offense, not defense